Free and useful programs for you

All programs, files listed here are freeware. Written in Pascal, ASM, Delphi.

Angeliux and Comandiux are on their pages!

  WINDOWS programs

midi mapper test tool, can play midi commands,
source in Delphi included,
if you need put some midi tones in your application, you need it! screenshot

MP3LIST.EXE generates M3U files from your MP3 files on drive screenshot

console application,
RAW Pascal (Delphi)

extracts embeded files (images) from PowerPoint and other files (doc, xls,..), command line tool
Written in RAW Pascal (Delphi), without VCL.

EAN_13GEN.EXE generates EAN 13 barcode control run Rundll32 and Wscpript (Visual Basic, Java script)
programs asks you if you want run any script or command
Read me
RAW Pascal (Delphi)
Small Messenger, replacement of WinPopup, support delivery report
Written in RAW Pascal (Delphi), without VCL.
screenshot1 screenshot2
ASCII.EXE show ascii table screenshot
ATA.EXE info about every ATA / ATAPI device on your computer, supports 8 devices (HDD, CD-ROM, WORM ...etc.), can find problematic device, save info, show bios & dos info screenshot parameters
BOOTCHK.EXE check for system files changes (Dos, Win9x), like antivirus, back up partition and bootsector screenshot parameters
show information about VESA compatible video card
screenshot parameters
CPUS.EXE  show CPU ID dataa screenshot
PORTS.EXE scan IO ports in real time with FIFO buffer (parallel, serial, keyboard) screenshot

copy & pack files/directories with attributes,
good for backup file by file can copy only new files,
support script file,
creates log file screenshot parameters

CUTTER.EXE divide big file to small files and generate file for concating back, useful if you need put big file to diskettes parameters
TXT2TABL.EXE converts database file exported as text to HTML table screenshot parameters
WAIT.EXE wait required No of seconds, can restart computer
  BATCH files
getexit.bat  returns exit code (error level) of program
save_dialups.bat saves dialup connections to .reg files
timesink.bat deletes Timesink spyware from your computer