Please specify parameters on command line:

fotoWatch.exe /watch:P:\DCIM\100_FUJI "/outdir:C:\My Foto" /autostart /delete /daydir /setro /eject:p /endbeep /endmsg
fotoWatch.exe /watch:P:\DCIM\100_FUJI /outdir:C:\Foto /movefiles /daydir /setro /endmsg /startforce /dsuffix:_HomePictures

/WATCH:      watch this folder for change / connection
/OUTDIR:      transfer files here
/AUTOSTART    start transfer automatically without without confirmation
/DELETE       delete files from watched directory
/SETRO        set transfered files READ ONLY
/DAYDIR      create directory in form "YYYY-MM-DD" and tranfer files there
/NORENAME      do not rename files durring transfer (file suffix is not set)
/WAIT:x       wait x seconds after transfer
/EJECT:x        eject drive X after transfer
/ENDBEEP     beep after transfer
/ENDMSG     show Message after transfer
/NOCANCEL    disable "Cancel" button on transfer window
/STARTFORCE    do not wait for directory change and close program after transfer
/MOVEFILES    "safe move" instead of copy files
/FPREFIX:    ad prefix to file name
/FSUFFIX:    ad suffix to file name
/DPREFIX:    ad prefix to directory name
/DSUFFIX:    ad suffix to directory name